Player Registration Form

Thank you for registering for the 2021/22 season. Please fill in the form below and make sure you fill in all sections before submitting your registration.

Please choose the squad below carefully so your child is assigned to the right team in our systems.

Please let us know which school your child will be attending from September 2021

Please check this is correct before submitting as we are unable to change this easily in The FA system if it is incorrect.

When a player reaches 16 (and this applies to those currently 15 at the start of the season), the FA require them to provide their own mobile number and email address to apply to the player FAN account. The parent connection is removed and we are then no longer able to contact the player. This season we’d like the players to take responsibility for managing their Matchday app and match day availability from their 16th birthday.

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Please upload a head and shoulders photograph (JPEG/PNG only) of your child for their FA profile. This is used for their club/league registration and is required for all players. This needs to be like a passport photo (they are allowed to smile though!). Please make sure the photograph is recent (no baby photos please!), clear, face on, includes their shoulders (so we can crop it), on a plain background and doesn't include the face of anybody else. All photographs will be removed from our club system once uploaded to The FA.

Each player that registers with the club requires a check of ID to prove their age. Due to the current situation, we are asking for you to upload a photo (JPEG/PNG only) of either a passport, birth certificate, driving license, medical card or government ID with this application. All ID records will be removed from our club system once we have verified the document and informed The FA that the ID check has been reviewed and approved.

Contact 1

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Please enter the details of the parent who is going to be using The FA Matchday App (the app we use to take payment etc) predominately below. You can add a secondary user on the next page as well and we’ll invite them so that you both have access to fixtures, your child’s availability for matches/training and to make payment for club fees.

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Please fill in details below of an emergency contact for training and/or match days.

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Have you (Adult Players) or your child (Youth Players) suffered from a sudden cardiac arrest in the past or do you/they have a heart condition that we should be aware of? If so, please include this in the medical information below. We ask for this information so we can make sure we are prepared for any such incident and that our coaches are aware of pre-existing conditions.

Please enter any medical information (allergies, asthma etc) that we need to know about your child or you (Adult Players). This should also include any additional needs your child may need so we can notify their coach and make sure they are aware of any support your child may require.


Please confirm that you have read the parent and player code of conduct documents.

Would you be interested in helping with coaching, match day or any other club based activities?


League fees are £120 for the full season or can be paid in 3 instalments of £40 per month.

Training fees are £60 for the full season (3 terms) or can be paid in 3 instalments of £20 per month.

Please choose whether you'd like to pay in full or in 3 instalments. Payments are made exclusively through The FA Matchday app via PayPal. Please allow 24 hours for your request to be assigned to your account.

If you have another child with the club (playing league football) you are entitled to a 50% reduction in fees for any additional children. This does not apply to Minis or Training Only players. Please select below if you have a sibling playing league football, so we can assign the correct fees to your account. For example, if you had two or three children, child 1 will pay £120 for the season, child 2 will pay £60 and child 3 would also pay £60 for the season.

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