U8's V Lillington Juniors

Saturday December 2 2017

Under 8's

The action started straight away with Lillington Juniors Rangers striking quickly scoring a goal within minutes of the starting whistle. Wellesbourne weren’t going to let this be the theme of the match and quickly rallied back against them. Sam S and Ewan passed the ball between them to make Lillington work for control. Ewan gained control of the ball and scored Wellesbourne’s first goal celebrating with his signature flip. The action volleyed between each end of the pitch with many attempts at scoring by Wellesbourne being knocked back by Lillington’s keeper. When the ball was in Wellesbourne’s end Sam H kept out any attempts at goals with Joe and Liam supporting him in defense. After many more attempts from Wellesbourne for another goal Lewis managed to break through Lillington’s defenses and brought the score to 2-1. The first half of the game felt evenly matched and this was reflected in the score of 2 all as Lillington scored just before the half time whistle.

Again the action in the second half started quickly with Dylan scoring a goal as soon as his boots hit the field. The goals kept coming after this with Lewis quickly gaining control of the ball but rather than try for the goal he used great judgment and passed to Josh who scored his first goal of the match. This strategy of passing to a player in space was the making of Wellesbourne in he second half. Dylan slipped a sneaky goal straight through the keepers legs making it 5-2 to Wellesbourne. Josh and Dylan worked together and Josh scored another goal. Josh was definitely in determined form to get a hat trick, which he did when another opportunity presented itself. Josh kept finding openings and creating chances to score and when he put home his fourth goal of the match the pride in his and his team mates faces was a joy to watch. Josh wasn’t finished there he still had another goal in him and put it home scoring 5 goals in one match! Even with the score at 9-2 Wellesbourne kept attacking and George had several good attempts on goal but unfortunately Lillington’s keeper refused to allow the score to reach double figures. Even stopping one on the line and the crowd thought it was a goal. Zack was equally determined not to let Lillington score using every part of his body to stop the ball from getting past him. At the last minute Lillington scored again but it wasn’t enough to catch up to the amazing performance Wellesbourne had put in to the match.

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