Club Shop

Surridge provide all match day and training wear for the club for both Boys and Girls squads, and run the club shop directly for us.  If you have any queries, please contact Surridge here:


Items on the store are personalised for the club and shipped within 15 working days from placing order.

£6 delivery to your door with DPD.  For a £6 per order delivery charge, your order will be shipped from Surridge within 15 working days, reaching you the following day.  You can choose any mainland UK delivery address for delivery.

Blaze (Girls) Shop

The Girls have their own training items, so please make sure you order via the Girls store to get the correct print on your order.

Boys Shop

For the boys, please use this link to order items for the Boys teams.

Size Guides

If you need to look up the size guides for measurements, you can find those here:

There may also be some try-on items available through your coach if you are unsure. Please speak to them directly before ordering if you need any assistance.

Club Sponsors